We 'R' Above

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For More Information about autism, visit AutismSpeaks.org. Find out how you can help make a difference by visiting r-word.org and pledging to stop using this hurtful word.

PSA - We R Above - Interview with Nicholas Courgi - Interview with Mike Carr

What people are saying:

"Gee it's about time someone stepped up and said stop using this word because it is hurtful in many ways."

"...The word has been turned into an indecency and insult, when in fact all it is is a medical condition."


The "R" word (retard) is an ignorant and offensive word that too many people fall back on in everyday conversation.

To some it may seem harmless but to others it is deeply hurtful and no different than a racial, religious or ethnic slur.

Using the "R" word is a cop out by those who don't know how to articulate their thoughts. They express themselves at the expense of others.

Help us to stop the "R" word by not using it yourself and making it socially unacceptable by speaking up when others use it

2010, All Rights Reserved.By: Alex Ranalli, Trey James, Katelyn Sorensen, Ben Sorensen, Luke Culver, Michael Lopez, Justin McKeever, Nicholas Courgi